Remote Programming Until Further Notice

August 24, 2020 - David Chupak

Remote Programming Until Further Notice

Following recommendations from the Reopening Campus workgroup focused on MSU youth programs, I am writing to share that given the current status of COVID-19, MSU youth programs, as defined by the MSU Youth Programs policy, are recommended to not occur in-person on the MSU campus, at satellite MSU venues, or off-campus until further notice. MSU youth programs may continue to operate through remote and/or online instruction.

Exception Process

MSU youth programs seeking to operate in-person will have the opportunity to request an exception. More information about the formal process for submitting and reviewing exceptions will be released in mid-September.

Reminder:  Support for MSU Youth Programs

Since April, several efforts have supported MSU youth program leaders in their transition to remote instruction. The Youth Programs Policy was updated to include guidelines for remote and online youth programs, including information related to strategies and considerations for promoting a safe learning environment for youth program participants. To support the needs of remote program leaders and participants, additional templates for remote program handbooks, program staff and volunteer rules, and parent-guardian consent forms were created.

We understand that this is a trying time for many and that the decision to operate remotely with the interest of promoting health and safety for all of our program participants is both difficult and necessary at this time. Over the Summer, several MSU youth program leaders provided outstanding remote learning and engagement experiences for Spartan youth at a time when they needed it most, and it is our hope that moving forward with these recommendations, many more will continue to be offered.