Requirements for External Organizations Conducting Youth Programs at MSU

  • Compliance with University Policies

    Authorized personnel/signatories for non-University groups using University facilities must provide to the sponsoring unit satisfactory evidence of compliance with all of the requirements of this Policy at least thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled use of University facilities, as well as an approved agreement for use of University facilities, if applicable.

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  • Criminal Background Checks

    Criminal Background Checks

    The criminal background check requirements apply to youth programs sponsored by external organizations and occurring on campus or in University facilities.

    The criminal background check requirements also apply to on-site vendors contracted for services provided for youth programs.

    At least thirty (30) days prior to the start of their program, an external organization sponsoring a youth program on campus or using MSU facilities for a youth program must certify that all adults working or volunteering at the program have been subject to a criminal background check (including sex offender registry check) yielding satisfactory results within the last twelve months.

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  • Questions

    The Director of Youth Programs is available to provide consultation to youth program directors and coordinators in support of their efforts to comply with University requirements and protect minors participating in their programs.

    Consultations on conducting youth programs at MSU can be requested by contacting