History of MSU Youth Programs

MSU has contributed the following ongoing efforts to protect minors participating in MSU Youth Programs:

  •  2012

    • Training for MSU Youth Program Directors focused on identifying and reporting signs of child abuse.
  • 2013

    • MSU established the policy outlining the requirements for facilitating University youth programs.
    • The policy for facilitating MSU youth programs continued to evolve with revisions.
  • 2016

    • The part-time Director of Youth Programs conducted a survey of Youth Programs at MSU and facilitated a Youth Protection Workshop to train MSU Youth Program Directors.
  • 2017

    • Recommendations from the MSU Office of Internal Audit and the part-time Director of Youth Programs led to the appointment of the new full-time Director of Youth Programs in November 2017.
  • 2018

    • The new Youth Programs Advisory Board was established by the Director of Youth Programs.
    • Revisions were made to the Operational Requirements for Conducting University Youth Programs based on evolving standards and practices in youth protection. 
    • The Youth Protection Workshop was expanded to a full-day program involving presentations from campus experts.
    • Additional training and development programs were provided to youth program directors and coordinators. Topics included:
      • Recognizing red flag behaviors in personnel selection processes
      • Identifying and reducing bias and discrimination
      • Surviving and responding to an active shooting incident
    •  Read more on the current objectives for the Office of MSU Youth Programs.